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PHP Developer Course in Nagercoil with Certification

  • 3 Months
  • English
  • Certified Course

PHP is a popular modern web development language that lets you create interactive websites. It is an open-source language, meaning it's freely available. It runs on the server-side and is used to create dynamic web pages, receive cookies, and collect data from forms.

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PHP Developer Course Overview

PHP can be used to create engaging web experiences, and more companies require a website as they need to have an online presence. Due to this, the demand for skilled PHP developers is steadily rising and more job opportunities are opening in this area. This role allows professionals to work creatively and keep learning new technologies.

PHP is popularly used in companies as their primary language for web development. It is easy to learn and use. It also has a huge community, where frameworks, tools, etc., are shared, meaning that support is easy to find for developers. This growing field also offers career paths like Computer Programming, Server-Side Scripting, and more. In web development, PHP Developers can work in Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack. The future scope of PHP includes Graphic Design and Database Administration as well.

Tools used in PHP

Our expert trainers will help students gain skills in using tools like

Who Can Join?

This course is open to anyone with a passion for PHP development and who wants to learn to create dynamic websites. Learners with different learning goals and skill levels, from beginners to advanced, can attend the course and enhance their skills.


Students studying Computer Science or related fields can learn PHP as a personal skill. Freshers who want to enter a career in web development can also learn PHP to improve their skill set.

Aspiring Developers
Aspiring Developers

Developers who want to refine their programming skills to enter the web development field can join this course and learn to create interactive features and online user experiences.

Any Professionals
Any Professionals

Individuals from various backgrounds like marketing, web design, or tech-related areas can learn PHP to take on new responsibilities, manage projects better, and advance their careers.

Career Changers
Career Changers

Professionals who want to change careers can join the course to gain a solid foundation in PHP, build on existing skills, and make a fulfilling career change through personalised guidance.

Freelancers & Creators
Freelancers & Creators

Developers who want to maintain unique and custom websites with interactive elements can join the course to improve their skills, attract potential clients, and gain more job opportunities.

Educators and Trainers
Educators and Trainers

Trainers who want to improve their knowledge and increase their confidence can learn PHP to create deeper learning environments and prepare students for a career in web development.

Course Syllabus

  • Installing and Configuring MySQL
  • Understanding MySQL
  • Creating and Managing Database
  • MySQL data types
  • Creating Tables and Managing Tables
  • Data Manipulation in Tables – Insert, Update, Delete
  • Querying Data from Tables – Select, Joins
  • Advanced Data Manipulation – Groups, Functions, Constraints, Index
  • Handling Transactions in MySQL

  • What is PHP
  • The Power of PHP
  • Learning the history of PHP
  • Javascript / Jquery Vs PHP
  • What is Server Side Scripting
  • Client Side Scripting Vs Server Side Scripting
  • Installation of XAMPP
  • Importance of Apache Server
  • Configuring PHP and setting up the Environment
  • Working with Editors

  • Coding PHP in HTML Document
  • Embedding PHP Codes
  • Executing PHP Embedded HTML Documents
  • PHP Coding Structure
  • Variables in PHP
  • Data types in PHP – Number, Strings, Date, NULL
  • Arrays and Variations of Arrays

  • Decision Making with IF Statements
  • Variations of IF Statements
  • Switch Statements
  • Using Operators with Decision Making Structures
  • Looping Structures
  • While Loops, For Loops, Foreach Loops
  • Using CONTINUE and BREAK in Loops
  • Managing Arrays with Control Structures

  • Understanding Functions in PHP
  • Using Built-in Functions – Date, String and Mathematical Functions
  • Handling Return Value
  • Nesting Functions

  • Defining our Own Functions
  • Understanding Arguments and Return Values
  • Scope of Functions
  • Handling Multiple return values
  • Defining default Arguments

  • Basics of File Handling and need to handle Files from PHP
  • Creating a File using PHP
  • Reading, Writing, Appending Files
  • Copy and Rename Files
  • Delete Files
  • Working with Directories
  • Parsing Directory Structures
  • Uploading Files

  • Understanding PHP Forms
  • Validating User Inputs
  • Displaying Messages for Validation Errors
  • Using Functions for Validations
  • Creating Custom Functions for Data Validation
  • Handling Form Submissions
  • Handling Exceptions

  • Introduction to Database APIs
  • Establishing Connection with Databases
  • Retrieving data from Database
  • Manipulating Retrieved Data
  • Updating Records in Database using PHP
  • Deleting Records in Database using PHP
  • Understanding SQL Injection

  • Understanding Cookies
  • Purpose and use of Cookies
  • Setting and Reading Cookie Values
  • Resetting Cookie Values
  • Understanding Sessions and importance of Sessions
  • Starting a Session and Working with Session
  • Understanding Session Variables
  • Closing Sessions

  • Email Configuration in PHP
  • Need for Sending Mails from Web Applications
  • Using Sendmail
  • Using PHPMailer

Placement Assistance

The expert coaches prepare graduates with the required skills and tools to enter the job market confidently and impress potential employers. Students can gain industry connections and enter a successful career as a PHP Developer.

Expert Trainers

Industry Expert Trainers

Students can gain practical insights and skills and understand real-world scenarios from seasoned industry professionals.

Live Projects

Live Projects

Students can engage in live projects and gain work experience in companies, which allows them to gain referrals and more job opportunities.

Resume Building

Resume Building

The placement assistance program helps students create compelling resumes that showcase their expertise.

Mock Interview Session

Mock Interview Session

Students can gain valuable feedback and tips by attending mock interview sessions, which improves their skills and increases confidence.

Internship Certificate

3 Months Internship Certificate

Students can strengthen their resumes with a recognized internship certificate, demonstrating their capabilities to employers.

Career Transition

Career Transition

Experienced trainers help students decide on suitable career paths and search for a job, ensuring they enter successful careers


Yes, the course teaches Laravel, Symphony, Zend Framework, and CodeIgniter as frameworks.

The course teaches with the latest version of PHP.

Yes, the course can teach the basics and enhance your knowledge from there.

Yes, a recognized certificate is provided after completion of the course.

Yes, we have expert trainers with real-world experience.

Yes, you will gain the expertise you need to handle tasks by completing live projects in the course.

Yes, we assign live projects so students can get more confidence in completing web development tasks.

No, you can do this course even if you do not know Java

Yes, we provide assistance in creating resumes and searching for a suitable job after completion of the course.

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