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Website Development

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Website Development Services at Feather Softwares

Websites create the first impression of a business, which makes it all the more important that they provide an experience users are satisfied with. That means improving all aspects that would register in their minds when they go on your website, such as the design, information, layout, and other technical factors like the loading time. Feather Softwares develops engaging websites that help generate leads and increase revenue for your business.


Front-End and Backend Development

Our front-end developers create interactive interfaces that enable visitors to search for information on the website easily. This increases their satisfaction, which leads to a higher retention time. The expert back-end developers handle the server-side programming and make interactions with the front-end possible.

Web Design

Our specialised web designers create aesthetic websites that are simple and efficient. This provides a positive user experience, which improves brand perception. Additionally, our intuitive navigation ensures customers can perform the desired tasks easily, increasing satisfaction.

Responsive Websites

We create websites that provide a smooth browsing experience across all types of devices, increasing social shares. It also helps you expand your reach since all devices provide a good viewing experience. Moreover, your SEO rankings improve, increasing conversions.

Static and Dynamic Web Service

We develop static web pages that have easy navigation and high performance. Further, they are cost-effective and load quickly, which improves customer experience. Our dynamic web pages can be adapted to an increase in traffic and are interactive, increasing engagement.

Web Application Development

Our specialists create custom web applications that run on various platforms, enabling you to reach a larger audience. Moreover, they ensure your customers have constant access to your business, increasing trust and loyalty.

Web Analytics and Tracking

We use web analytics tools to help you gain insights into your website data and understand your consumers. This enables you to improve user experience, increasing organic traffic to your website and optimising conversions.

Web Performance Optimisation

We create websites with good usability and responsiveness that are optimised for various browsers and devices. This leads to a better user experience, which increases the number of return visitors. We also ensure that your website loads fast, improving conversions.


We use SEO strategies to increase the ranking of your website. Through higher search visibility, you can reach your target audience and increase organic traffic to your site. This increases customer trust and gives you a competitive advantage.

E-Commerce Website Development

We create ecommerce websites with a high performance that allows you to reach out to new customers and offer your customers a smooth shopping experience. The fast load time and user-friendly interface ensure satisfaction, increasing repeat customers and driving sales.

Web Application Security

We protect your website from security threats and ensure it functions while it is under attack, increasing customer confidence and trust. Our web application security strategies help you reduce disruptions to your business operations and maintain your brand image.

What Makes Feather Softwares Unique?

We use customer personas to help you offer your audience a targeted user experience, increasing website conversions. The customised functionality of our websites also allows you to change required aspects to your business needs. The SEO-friendly websites we create increases your search engine visibility, increasing impressions and boosting your company credibility.

Working with us lets you give your website an aesthetic look that appeals to potential customers and increases user retention. We also create a responsive design, which increases interaction and lowers bounce rates. Further, we maintain your website and ensure it is compatible on all browsers, helping you create a consistent user experience and increase credibility.

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