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Services Offered by Feather Softwares

Increase your brand's online presence with our high-quality and creative IT services personalised to your business needs and increase your website traffic. Here are some of the services which can help you grow your brand.


Website Development

Our expert website developers create user-friendly business and e-commerce websites that not only rank high in search results but also keep visitors coming back for more, which increases customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Digital Marketing

Our specialised digital marketing strategies attract high-quality leads and increase brand awareness. With expert SEO practices, we ensure your website has a high visibility, helping you connect with more customers online.


App Development

Connecting with your customers is important in maintaining their satisfaction. We develop mobile applications that provide a secure and convenient platform for customers to contact you, leading to a higher loyalty.


Graphic Design

Our designers create eye-catching social media graphics and website layouts that capture the interest of potential customers and offer an interesting user experience. This improves customer engagement and generates conversions.


Email Marketing

We help you personalise messages through email for different customer segments and increase engagement. Through interesting offers that are relevant to their interests, their satisfaction and loyalty improves as well.


Personal Branding

Our experts help you create an effective personal brand that showcases your quality and professionalism with your target audience. This establishes you as an expert in your field and builds trust and authenticity.


Social Media Marketing

We create engaging social media pages that allow you to build relationships with your customers and let potential clients find you easily. Consumers get to know your expertise and this improves your brand reputation.



Our designers create user-friendly interfaces that provide customers with a positive experience on your applications and websites. Your clients can have an easy interaction with your business, which increases customer retention.


Web Application

Our secure and user-friendly web applications provide your consumers with features like real-time chat support and self-service portals. This allows you to resolve issues faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Google Ads (PPC)

We create targeted Google Ads that increase your traffic and generate leads for your business. Your advertisements are seen immediately and reach a large audience effectively. This leads to an increased brand performance.


Content Marketing

We create valuable content that matches your consumers' search intent and positions you as an expert in your industry, increasing their trust and loyalty. Our captivating content also drives more consumers to your business.

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